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Calming the storm in the head

You want to stop the loop thinking. You want to end the tape that is running in your head. You want to switch off the film running inside your head and go to sleep.

While there are many techniques to switch off thinking and calm your mind, one of the effective ones is also very simple and easy to practice - becoming conscious of what you want to think. You give yourselves the choice to think of whatever you want. Asking the following questions to yourselves will help you switch off your thinking:

What shall I think about now?

Whom shall I talk to now in my head?

What do I want to discuss with someone?

I am free to talk to anyone about anything, but I want to decide before talking.

If you run the four lines above in your mind, you became aware of your own thinking process. Thoughts will start automatically but you gently again bring it back to the four statements. Repeated practice will allow you to calm the storm in your mind, whenever you want and wherever you want.


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