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Blending Wisdom from Ancient Indian Scriptures
& Modern Psychology

03,04,10,11,17.18,24&25 Feb 2024
Every Sat & Sun 11 am to 1:30 pm
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Course Faculty

Bidhan Roy


Bidhan Roy

Having worked with institutions such as HSBC, Coutts (Royal Bank of Scotland) and Deutsche Bank amongst others, Bidhan has always held a passion for the stock markets and thrives on the thrill of making money for his clients and friends.

Very early on in his journey, one of the basic hypotheses that money can give you happiness and lots of money can give you lots of happiness was broken, or more like shattered. Then came the second broken hypothesis – the illusion of balance. The general clichés – balance career and family or balance health and wealth will bring you peace and contentment was broken.

His search led him to a lot of sporadic reading but deep inside, nothing in him had changed. He pursued 7 years of extensive study and learning, discussions and debates to comprehend and absorb the teachings of the Upanishads. He says that he is still a seeker, as lifetimes are not enough to study this deep, philosophical and practical wisdom.

Armed with the enthusiasm to spread the knowledge of Scriptures to empower people, Bidhan set out on a journey that marked the birth of Tvamé.


Structure of workshop

The overall framework of the workshop rests on the AAAF framework – Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Freedom.

  • 8 sessions online

  • 2.5hrs each

  • Highly interactive

  • Practical tools, activities, group activities, reflections and workbook.

  • Access to a Community of like-minded, non-judgemental people

  • Access to monthly community events on related topics

  • Learning through group sharing

Learning Outcome
  • Gain the courage to operate from assurance rather than fear

  • Take more conscious actions

  • Break patterns and automatic behaviors

  • Gain ability to see ourselves from a distance and make desirable changes. 

  • Gain a significant shift in perspective about self, people, circumstances

  • Build resilience by holding on to a strong anchor 

  • Create empowering beliefs 

  • Eliminate Stress 

  • Manage Emotions

  • Build better relationships

  • Manage conflicts and communicate better

  • Become the best version of self and achieve highest potential

  • Navigating uncertainty with ease

Ancient Indian Scriptures + Modern Psychology

Course Details

Admission Criteria

The course will be conducted in English and hence basic knowledge of English is expected. Anyone above the age of 21 can enrol in the course. The course will be completely online and would need the basic skill of operating a computer. 

This course is suitable for anyone seeking mental peace, happiness and a better knowledge of self.

Course Duration

The course has 20 hours of classroom sessions. It is a 4 weeks course with 2.5 hours for each session

From Feb 03-Feb 25 2024 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays
Class timings:  11am to 1:30 pm

Course content

Session 1: We are wired!

Let’s understand the real reasons for why we do what we do, from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. Would it surprise you to know we are wired to experience a constant state of ‘dissatisfaction’?

Session 2: Our Journey with Emotions

Love them or hate them, we all have them! Emotions! Are they the real cause of our suffering or merely nature’s tool to further the interest of our species? Clarity on the purpose of emotions is imperative for moving towards understanding our True Self. 

Session 3: The Ultimate Chaos – Emotions & Beliefs

We hold our emotions close, and our beliefs closer! We take an in-depth look at beliefs and how they interfere with and sometimes overpower our emotions. Let’s see who the master is – Emotions or Beliefs. Which one can we work with to influence our reality?

Session 4: Take a Step Back – Rewire through ‘Mindfulness’

Wouldn't it be great to have a trick to change our reality? What if there is a way to consistently choose your action and not succumb to your automatic ways? Our conscious mind is a window to access our programmed self. Access your subconscious mind to re-wire your programs consciously to make it work for you, through ‘Mindfulness’.

Session 5: Break Patterns using Conscious Action (Karma Yoga)

Psychology describes the factors that play on our subconscious mind, lulling us into auto-pilot mode. Our ancient Indian texts go further and point towards the deep impressions that we are already born with. Whatever bondages and patterns we may experience, one thing is for sure, we have a deep desire to act. Since we are taking action all the time, why not use a framework for taking more conscious action that can open up new possibilities? 

Session 6:  Dis-identify from “Experienced Self” (Pancha Kosha)

Our ancient texts define various aspects of self through a Five Sheaths model. Every experience in our life can be associated with one of these five sheaths. When we peel off these five layers, what is left is the true essence of ‘Who am I’.

Session 7:  Identify with your ‘Real Self’ (Atmanam Vidhi)

What you have been looking for all along, has always been within. The constant search for Happiness and Peace finally comes to a halt, as the real nature of our True Self is expounded. 

Session 8: The Ultimate Source of Happiness (Ananda)

The awareness of Self and the Right knowledge, creates a clear path to move from our existing conditioning towards a more conscious living and finally towards expressing our Real Potential and becoming the best version of ourselves!

Course Fee

Course Fee: The course fee is Rs 8000/- to be paid in one shot at the beginning of the course. 

Refund of the course fee is possible before the course starts after deducting Rs 1000/- as administrative expenses. No refund is possible once the course starts.

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Mental Peace through Self-awareness

What are the most common terms we hear in our conversations these days? 

Stress! Burnout! Depression! Anxiety! Relationship issues! 

Each one of us has faced this and more at some point in our lives and are continuing to face them! We figure out ways to overcome and cope with them too, but have you ever felt that the underlying issue has been resolved? Or are we just putting a Band-aid on the issues, or pushing them under the carpet and moving on, to keep up with this fast-paced world?


Time to try a little different approach to attain long lasting happiness and peace, don’t you think?


Self-Awareness to the rescue! It is a potent tool, that we have ignored for a long time, while being busy in pursuits of life.  It is the foundation for anything we do in life and yet we have never paid attention to it.


Isn’t it time we got to know ourselves – in a way we have never done before! As we try to make our way through the chaos of information, emotions and demands of this transient world, we feel the need for a more enduring, time-tested solution to the suffering caused by our incomplete knowledge of self and to work towards a peaceful, happy and harmonious life. Get a new perspective and the Right Knowledge to objectively understand your true, inherent nature through an in-depth study of human psychology and Spirituality.


In our workshop, we combine Wisdom from modern psychology and ancient scriptures in a manner that people can understand and practically implement in their daily lives. The modules are focused on self-awareness - why we think the way we do and why we behave the way we behave. The workshop comes packed with tools to become more self-aware and take conscious actions. The objective is to understand who we really are from the perspective of scriptures and modern psychology.

Why Scriptures & psychology

These issues of human beings have been addressed in the ancient Indian texts - through solid frameworks that are applicable even today. Scriptures offer a very unique perspective that gives us a strong anchor to hold on to. It looks at and helps resolve issues at an underlying level not just symptomatically. No wonder, people turn towards spirituality in the toughest times. But there is a missing link. 


If we take a shortcut to spirituality without understanding how the mind functions, then we find it esoteric/unrelatable/not practical/polarizing/fear inducing. Modern psychology gives us the right segue into understanding the human mind deeply. It talks about concepts that are relatable to each one of us. This missing link helps us to in fact understand the deeper perspective of spirituality. This can lead to a true transformation/sustainable change.











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