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Certificate in Grief Counselling

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Grief is one of the core emotions that define us. With the pandemic raging for more than a year, the loss of jobs, relationships and life has only increased. Many people know someone or the other who has lost a loved one during these times. This Certificate in Grief Counselling Course has been designed to enable and empower more people to reach out and help those who have suffered a loss. 


Course Details

Section Subtitle

Course objective

To help individuals make sense of their loss and cope with grief. To enable counsellors to understand the subject of grief in-depth and be better equipped with tools and knowledge to help clients who seek counselling for loss.

Admission Criteria

The course is open to anyone who wishes to understand the aspects of grief for themselves. The course can also be done by practising counsellors and mental health professionals who wish to add the knowledge of grief counselling to their skills.

Course content

This will be an 8-session course with classes conducted once a week. The duration of the class will be two and a half hours. Since this is an online course, most of the sessions would have a 20-30 minute break out room for one-to-one discussion with a batchmate on the concepts outlined in the class (like a practical session in real-time), in order to enable the learning to be strongly reinforced.

  1. Introduction to the course, Understanding Grief and Grief Counselling

  2. Assessment of grief, history of grief, pitfalls in assessment

  3. Grief Counselling for Dealing with the Loss

  4. Grief counselling for dealing with the restoration

  5. Grief and children including teenagers

  6. Ambiguous Grief (Loss due to Missing persons, Divorce, Mental Illness, Addictions), Counsellor’s Emotions, Pitfalls for counsellors

  7. Anticipated grief (Terminal Illness, Certain future loss), Disenfranchised Grief (Grief that cannot be expressed, not accepted by society)

  8. Special cases of grief - Suicide, Violence, Pets, Death of family members, roundup.


Course Duration

Students can choose from the two batches that we offer. The batch will have 8 classes or sessions of 2.5 hours duration. 

* Weekdays will be *Wednesday from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.* 

Course Starts from 01 November 2023

Course evaluation is assignment-based

At the end of each session, the student is expected to submit a report about their learning and their view of the session After the first four classes are done, they are expected to counsel one person and submit a report on the assessment and their view of the person handling the grief.

They are expected to attend all 8 classes to qualify for the certificate.

If they do the assignments and the case review along with the attendance, they will be given the certificate

Expectations from the participants: 

We expect 100% attendance from every student. All students of the course are expected to attend ALL  the classes in the course and follow the rules of engagement as defined by the faculty.

They are expected to submit all the assignments in time and take an active part in the classroom activity. They are expected to uphold strict confidentiality on all matters shared by other participants either in the class or in the breakout room activities. 

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs 15000/- to be paid in one shot at the beginning of the course.  The fee once paid will not be refunded.

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