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Our Programs

We conduct many stand-alone workshops as well as short and long term courses. We collaborate with other organisations also to do the program. If you wish to run any of our programs exclusively for a group of people do get in touch with us.


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology (6 months)

The need for student counsellors has increased rapidly in the last few years. The Study Boards (CBSE, ICSE and some State Boards) have made it mandatory that there should be a counsellor in the institution premises during the entire school hours. Colleges and Universities (IITs and IIMs) too hire counsellors for the students

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Diploma in Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence (6 months)

Life Skills are very essential in today world in addition to the regular academic knowledge. Lifeskills are useful for people of every age. WHO and UNICEF have listed Life Skills as something essential to be taught to children of all age groups. 

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Happiness through Self-awareness (2 months)

Combining wisdom from ancient Indian scriptures and knowledge from modern psychology, this course helps the participants understand the nature of happiness and how to achieve it staying put in the materialistic world. Interactive, engaging and insightful, this course connect us to our roots and then helps us fly.

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Diploma in Art Therapy (6 months)

The program's will incorporate history and theory of art therapy; practice or techniques, practical application in diverse settings such as  mental health institute, educational institute, or in  private practice; understanding of group art therapy, as well as counselling methods and skills; standard of practice in art therapy field.

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Certificate in Marriage Counselling (3 months)

This course is tailored to your individual needs and is taught by experienced counsellors and psychotherapists. It is both for those who wish to work on their marriages and for those who wish to help others with their marriages. Sign up today to take control of your marriage and start building a better future together.

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Certificate in Grief Counselling (2 months)

Grief is one of the core emotions that define us. With the pandemic raging for more than a year, the loss of jobs, relationships and life has only increased. Many people know someone or the other who has lost a loved one during these times. This Certificate in Grief Counselling Course has been designed to enable and empower more people to reach out and help those who have suffered a loss. 


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