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Diploma in
Art Therapy
(3rd Batch)

Course Starts 06 Mar 2024 

Course Faculty

Dr Anupama Bajaj

Ph.D (Psychology and Art Therapy)
Art Therapist & Life skills Coach


Dr Anupama a doctorate in psychology  with specialization in adults, adolescent counselling, and couples & family counselling. She helps people overcome their personal barriers to self-growth, by confronting, challenging, and possibly changing, their own beliefs, perceptions and stereotypes, to catapult themselves into a faster and more fulfilling orbit of personal growth. She also has extensive experience working with adults in area as ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety.
Anupama is certified Art Therapist who has been using art therapy with proven success in varied clinical population. She is certified trainer for “Life skills for adolescence” from NIMHANS and has been conducting various diploma and certificate course in art therapy

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*Understand Art Therapy in all its dimensions
*6 months, Once a week ONLINE classes
*Practical, Assignment based evaluation
*Instalment Facility for fee payment
*Single Faculty course - Dr Anupama Bajaj Rungta. More than two decades of teaching and therapy practice.

Course Description

The program's curriculum will incorporate history and theory of art therapy; practice or techniques in art therapy; practical application of art therapy in a diverse settings such as  mental health institute, educational institute, or in  private practice; understanding of group art therapy, as well as counselling methods and skills; standard of practice in art therapy field.

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Course Details

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Admission Criteria

The course will be conducted in English and hence basic knowledge of English is expected. Anyone above the age of 21 can enrol in the course. The course will be completely online and would need the basic skill of operating a computer. 

This course is suitable for Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare workers, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Teachers, School Counsellors, and anyone interested in Art Therapy or graduate in any stream of studies.

Course Duration

The course has 50 hours of classroom session. It is a six months course.  Each Session will have sessions of 2 hours duration. 

Class timings: Online Wednesdays 5 to 7 pm

Learning Outcome

This course aspires to teach the participants how to comprehend art work and what to look for in illustrations to attain and enhance the understanding of the client's world. They would have a comprehensive outline to art therapy, based on which participants would have opportunity to experiment the use of arts for human transformation and emotional healing so that they can synthesize their personal experience with conceptual learning.

Course Objective

1. To deliver a solid theoretical and principally grounded program to practice as an Art Based Therapist.

2. To introduce basic concepts of Art therapy and how it can be used for people of all ages to assist in improving personal growth and insight, processing of traumatic experiences and resolving of inner conflicts.

3. To offers students far-reaching opportunities to learn and experience a range of verbal and non-verbal art therapy approaches, as well as therapeutic interventions used in different educational and clinical settings.

4. To provide an overview of numerous techniques of art therapy used for assessment and psychotherapy.

5. Participants can expect to be exposed to experiences that may stimulate their emotions and stipulate openings for self-disclosure.

6. There will be opportunities to demonstrate how well modules are understood and put into practice what has been learned.

Course Fee

Course Fee: The course fee is Rs 35000/- to be paid in one shot at the beginning of the course. 

Group Discount: If 4 or more people join together as a group, then they have to pay Rs 32000/- per person. Refund of the course fee is possible before the course starts after deducting Rs 1000/- as administrative expenses. No refund is possible once the course starts.

Instalment facility: Students can pay by instalments if they wish

First instalment at admission: Rs. 16,000/-

Second Instalment before 06 April 2024: Rs. 10.000/-

Third instalment before 06 May 2024: 10,000/-  

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During course of the classes and on completion of the same participants need to appear for evaluation process to be eligible to receive the certificate.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Attendance in online classes: 10 Marks (Minimum 80% attendances mandatory for certification along with completion of compensatory work for missed classes)

  • Case studies: 20 marks (Every participant has to submit case study in the prescribed format based on the syllabus)

  • Assignment/class participation/ presentation: 20 marks

  • Examination and viva: 50 marks
    ELIGIBILITY FOR CERTIFICATION:Course participant should secure a minimum of 50 Marks at the end of the evaluation process to be eligible for certification.
    AWARD OF CERTIFICATES: Certificate will be issued to successful candidate within one month after the completion of the classes and evaluation process. The decision of the course faculty is final in all matters of evaluation and certification.

Course content

This will be a ONE SEMESTER  course with classes conducted once a week. The duration of the class will be for two hours. Since this is an online course, some activities will be built into the course.

The course will cover the following areas:

Unit 1

Introduction to Art therapy (6 Hours)

  • Meaning and definition of art therapy.

  • History of Art Therapy

  • Approaches to Art Therapy

  • Difference between Art education & Art Therapy

  • Scope of Art Therapy

  • Process of Art Therapy

Unit 2

Art based assessment techniques: based on psychodynamic principles part 1 (12 Hours)

Unit 3

Art Therapy for healing and relaxation (10 hours)

Unit 4

 Therapeutic art for self-expression, coping with stress, anxiety & fears (12 hours): Art therapy techniques to cope with anxiety by improving self esteem, resolving problems, expressing feelings, problem solving and goal setting which aids in working towards improved thinking patterns.

Unit 5

Art therapy with different clinical population: Anxiety, Phobia, Depression, Major grief etc. Art therapy with Children & adolescents, couples and family (10hours)


For Registration and any other details contact/WhatsApp
Anupama Bajaj: +91 99014 11333

Sreedhar: +91 83108 19029

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