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Certificate in
Career Counselling

Become a Certified Career Counsellor and guide students on a rewarding pth

Course starts 02 April 2024

ONLINE Course on Zoom
Once a week classes

Assignment based evaluation

Video recordings

PDF Notes
FREE Assessment Tools

For individuals, parents, teachers counsellors, mental health professionals

Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a skilled and empathetic career counsellor with our comprehensive "Certificate in Career Counselling" course. Designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and practical tools, this course delves into the dynamic world of career guidance and counselling.

Discover the art of empowering individuals to make informed and fulfilling career choices. Explore the intricacies of using assessment tools  to match them effectively with suitable career paths. Through a blend of theory, case studies, and interactive exercises, you'll learn to guide students and clients through the process of self-discovery, exploration, goal-setting, and decision-making.

Course Details

Course objective

To enable individuals/parents/counsellors/mental health professionals to understand the subject of career counselling, using evaluation tools to assess the client's potential and aptitude and guide them to a suitable career.

Course Highlights:

  • Psychological Foundations: Gain insights into human behavior, motivation, and personality theories to better understand individuals' career aspirations and challenges.

  • Assessment Techniques: Master various assessment tools and techniques to uncover individuals' unique attributes, preferences, and potential career options.

  • Effective Communication: Develop exceptional communication and active listening skills to establish a trusting and supportive relationship with your clients.

  • Career Path Research: Learn strategies for researching and staying up-to-date with evolving career trends, industries, and opportunities.

  • Ethical Considerations: Explore the ethical principles and guidelines that underpin responsible and professional career counseling practices.

  • Practical Application: Engage in role-playing scenarios and case studies to practice counseling techniques, develop problem-solving abilities, and build confidence.

  • Industry Insights: Benefit from guest lectures by experienced career counsellors and industry professionals, gaining real-world insights and perspectives.

  • Project: Culminate your learning by designing and presenting a comprehensive career counselling plan, demonstrating your mastery of the skills and knowledge acquired.

Whether you're a seasoned educator, human resources professional, or an individual passionate about guiding others toward meaningful career paths, this course provides you with the foundation to make a lasting impact on lives. Join us in shaping brighter futures and helping others navigate their professional journeys with purpose and confidence.

Admission Criteria

The course is open to anyone who wishes to understand the aspects of career counselling. The course can also be done by parents, teachers, practicing counsellors, mental health professionals who wish to add the knowledge of career counselling to their skills.

Course content

This will be a 12 sessions course with classes conducted once a week. The duration of each class will be for two and a half hours. Since this is an online course, most of the sessions would have a 20-30 minute break out room for one to one discussion with a batchmate on the concepts outlined in the class (like a practical session in real-time), in order to enable the learning to be strongly reinforced. The session highlights: 

  1. Career -History of Career Counselling, Changes & Transitions.  
    Factors influencing Decision Making

  2. Theories of Career Development

  3. Tools & Tests

  4. Humanities Pathways

  5. Commerce Pathways

  6. Science Pathways

  7. Entrance Exams in India

  8. Interpreting Reports

  9. How to Guide Students and Parents and Develop a Database-wise

  10. Personality Development & Internships

  11. Overseas Education

  12. Homeschooling and Vocational Courses

Course Duration

Once a week session on Zoom.

Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.* 

Course Starts from 02 April 2024

Course Faculty
Jennifer Tavares
Career Counsellor, Trainer

About the Faculty

Jennifer Tavares is a qualified nurse, counselor, and special educator. She has been working with adolescents since 1998 in various capacities. Her journey as a counselor and special educator has made her understand the core needs of an adolescent and how they view their future in an ever-changing world. She has been guiding students in their careers over the last decade and feels that every teacher and counsellor should be able to facilitate career guidance for all their students..
Course evaluation-assignment based

At the end of each session, the student is expected to submit a report about their learning and their view of the session. Submission of this report is regarded as attendance.

They are expected to attend all 12 classes to qualify for the certificate.

There will be few assignments in the course where the participants are expected to talk to someone in their circles and submit a report. They are expected to answer a few case studies.

Expectations from the participants: 

We expect 100% attendance from every student. All students of the course are expected to attend ALL  the classes in the course and follow the rules of engagement as defined by the faculty.

The students are expected to submit all the assignments in time and be proactive in the classroom activities. They are expected to uphold strict confidentiality on all matters shared by other participants either in the class or in the breakout room activities. 

Course Fee

The course fee is Rs 18000/- to be paid on enrollment. Please check the refund policy in the footer.

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