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The Worry Club - Tongue in cheek

You are invited to the meeting of the Worry Club from 7pm to 8pm on Monday. For this week the agenda is to worry about our children’s future. We will collectively worry about the future of our children for one hour. Many members were worried that one hour may not be enough to worry about the topic. Some members were apprehensive that in one hour they may not be able to worry about both the children. While we understand the concerns of the members we have divided the one hour into two segments, the first half-hour is to worry about the firstborn and the second one hour to worry about the second born. If some members have more than two children, that is a cause for a different kind of worry and we will schedule a separate session for that.

Last week, we had all worried for one hour about our aged parents. Since no one has more than two parents we could divide the time equally to worry about each parent. Some members tried to induce their siblings to join the session as they felt it was unfair that only one child was worried about the parents while the parents were the responsibility of both the children. We were very happy that some of you could convince your siblings to join the meeting. Members who could not convince their siblings worried that they were worrying alone and wondered how to make their siblings also worry. We will arrange a special talk on how to make your siblings worry along with you.

Many members expressed happiness with the activities of the club. Once the topic for the next meeting is announced, they felt relieved that they don’t have to worry about that topic for the whole week knowing they will get one hour to worry in the club.

We encourage our members to fix one hour each day for worrying about any topic. Just like they do yoga, exercise, meditation, praying etc, they should fix a daily schedule for worrying. So for instance all worrying can be done from 8 am to 9 am freeing the whole day for not worrying. An important reminder to members, don’t schedule the worrying hour just before you sleep. This will affect your sleep and then you will be worried that your worrying is affecting your sleep and you will worry that the lack of sleep may affect your health and then you will worry that your deteriorating health may affect your work and life. While we members of the Worry Club believe worrying is an important activity in everyday life, we would be worried if it becomes an addiction for you.

Happy and safe worrying till our next meeting.

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