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Some of us are not designed for ‘office-work’ for earning

This is a realization that we meet often in life but just push it away. Some people are not designed to go out to an office, work from 9 to 5 and earn a living. It does not mean these people don’t like to work or don’t want to earn, just that they need to do it outside the system of regimented work life.

While a lot of people like the routine of commuting to the office, working with others, socializing in the office, competing with others, revelling in office politics etc, quite a few others just can’t feel comfortable in that setting. They would like to work and earn at their own pace and in their own space. Some of them like part-time work, others periodic work - assignment or project-based rather than time-based.

Is one better than the other? There is no knowing.

What suits a person's personality is the best for them.

I have often seen well-meaning people trying to force others to take up a job in an office and they don’t seem to understand the reluctance of the other person. Often those who don’t like to go to the office as a matter of routine are not able to explain why they feel so. We have more clarity on our dislikes than our likes. It is easier for a person to say what they don’t want to do in life but difficult to express what they want to do.

Going to a regular job is one of the ways of working and earning, not the only means. Many who have worked in corporate life give up such jobs to work outside the system. They also survive.

If your spouse, parent, child, a friend does not want to take up regular work in an organization but want to earn their living outside it, and are able to do it, then let them. They may flourish outside the system but wither inside it. They are hearing a different drumbeat. Let them march to that.

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