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“Don’t want to hear human voices for some time”

For some people at some point in their life, when they are upset with life in general, all human voices can become irritating. They say it loud and clear, “Don’t want to hear human voices for some time.” They are not irritated to see people but don’t want to talk and don’t want to be talked to. They neither want to hear their own voice or anyone else’s voice.

Just like we can be tired visually if we watch too much of a screen (TV, Computer, Mobile Phone), we can be tired aurally too. When we have watched too much of a screen, we want to get away from it for some time. We would rather see real life, read a physical book, talk to real people. We are visually tired and need a break. After feeling rejuvenated, we are willing to go back to screen time. In today’s world, some of us feel totally lost if we are not staring at some screen.

In the same manner, we can be tired of human voices. I don’t really know why this happens. At times, we yearn for total silence all around us. We get irritated if someone else is watching the TV or streaming something from the net. TV noises can get on our nerves if we are not the ones watching it. At times, I have seen/heard multiple screen noises coming in the same room. One person is watching the TV and another is playing something on the phone and both are blissfully not bothered about the other noise. The third person can hear both the noises and it will seem like a cacophony. We wonder how someone can be not disturbed by this.

Perhaps at such times, we seek a place where we can hear no human noises for some time. We don’t mind other noises from pets, household noises or even road noises but just the human voice can get irritating at such times. Of course, there are times when we want total silence for sometime around us.

Thankfully, these days we have wonderful ear muffs, noise-cancelling headphones available to us which when used gives rest to our ears. We cannot ask other people to shut out the noise but we can turn off our ears with these devices.

In a day spending some time in total silence can really rejuvenate a person.

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