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Agape - the love for nature and natural phenomenon

When you are driving on the road you can see this huge hill right in the middle of the road. You know the road is going to bend around it. But as you approach the hill, the sheer size of it leaves you wonderstruck. The awesome sight of nature kindles a kind of affection for nature.

You trek through the forest because you have heard the sight of the waterfall there is majestic. The first time you get the glimpse of the waterfall all your senses are suspended for a while. It is just you and the waterfall. The sheer size of it, the gorgeous sight of the water foaming down the edge leaves you wonderstruck.

From things as big as a mountain to something small like spotting a multi-coloured insect leaves us wonderstruck and love nature’s delight. Recently someone shared a video of an insect crawling around. It looked as if a corkscrew nail was moving around. I watched that video multiple times.

We use the word ‘love’ in multiple ways and depending on the context people get the meaning of that word. It has a hundred different connotations depending on the situation. The Greeks had many different words for love and AGAPE was one of them. Agape is the one unconditional love you feel for nature and natural phenomenon.

Cities don’t permit a view of the night skies. But just stepping out of the urban areas, we can watch the night sky for hours together and be awed by it. While some people get frightened of thunder and lightning, there are many who love it and go out on the terrace to watch that rapid light streaking out in the sky and expectantly wait a few seconds to hear that roar of thunder. It sends a thrill up the spine. Sitting in the window and watching pouring rain is yet another pleasure for many. On a daily basis just walking through your garden if you have one or gazing with loving eyes on your potted plant gives so much pleasure. Watching the sunset, sunrise, the moon playing hide and seek amidst passing clouds brings in a sense of peace.

Agape was often referred to by the Greeks for the love of God but the meaning got extended to all love of nature and natural phenomenon. We feel tiny and puny standing in front of a mountain, a waterfall, deep canyon, a massive river or the endless ocean. We understand our own significance in the loop of nature. We feel connected to it. We also experience humility. This love is agape. We love it, we don’t expect to be loved back. Unconditional love at last! Maybe because of that we constantly seek it again and again. The more we can experience it the more content it feels. We always don’t have to travel to experience agape. We have to open our eyes and just look around us, even in a city, to be dazzled by natural phenomena around us.

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