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A way to avoid forgetting some jobs

Enhancing personal efficiency

Two similar incidents happened recently showing me how to avoid forgetting some jobs. On day 1, my nephew called me up after leaving home to say that he had forgotten his reading glasses and could I get it for him as I was following him to the office an hour later. I assured him, I would get it and halfway through my shaving, I went to his room picked up his glasses and put it into my bag and then continued my shaving. Mission accomplished.

On another day of the same week, he again called me to say he had forgotten his glasses and I needed to get them. I assured him I would. As I was reading the newspaper, I thought I will pick up the glasses after finishing that task. As I finished that task, the neighbour dropped in asking for something. Five minutes of chatting and my attention was diverted and I totally forgot about the glasses. So that day, I went to the office and sheepishly admitted to my nephew that I had forgotten them.

These and similar incidents in the past have modified my behaviour where I do things that can be done the moment I think of them or someone tells me to do. I know that all jobs cannot be done the moment we think of them but many can be done.

“Can you switch off the gas after three whistles or ten minutes later?”

I know I might fail if I rely on my memory. We will have burnt dal for lunch and I will be toasted for not doing my bit. So either I am in the kitchen around the stove or I set the alarm for ten minutes to foolproof the job.

“Can you share the contact details of the person?” is the request

I am already at the system and the phone so even as I am listening to them, I send the contact details. I know I may forget it if left to a later time. How many times have I thought of wishing someone on their birthday in the morning, put it off to a 'little later' and then the day has gone by without wishing them.

Our memories are more treacherous than we care to admit. Relying on it completely has let me down quite a few times. So for tasks which can be done ‘now’, I do it ‘now’ so that I don’t have to remember anything at all

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