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Where is your life in imbalance?

Often time it is good to pause in our life and check where our life is imbalanced. Have we gone off to one extreme? Some areas in our life, we can look into.

Self-focussed Vs Others focussed

Have I been focussing on myself to the extent that I have not given any time, energy, attention to others sound me? Have I been neglecting my important relationships? Alternatively, have I been focussing on others so much that I have not bothered about self-care, about my needs, my goals, my dreams?

Work focussed Vs Relationship focussed

Am I so obsessed with my work that all I have been able to think of the moment I get up to the time I lie down to sleep is my work? Have I neglected people in my family, my friends who are important to me? Have I moved away from people? Contrarily, have I been so focussed and involved in the lives of those around me, I have neglected my work totally? I have been so immersed in solving the issues of those around me for years now and when I look back, I have nobody of work behind me? I have nothing to show by the way of work in my life?

Fun Vs Serious Work

I had come to believe that life is short and must have all the fun possible that I have neglected all serious work in my life? Every given moment of my life I have been focussing on entertainment that I need that constantly in my life and I have not touched any potential for the good work that I am capable of? On the second path, I have been so intent on my work, I have forgotten what Play looks like? I have not taken a break of any sort, relaxed and enjoyed myself without any deadlines? Have I forgotten Play in my life?

Some other areas of imbalance in our lives

Have I become so charmed with achievement that I have lost the capacity to enjoy moments in life or Have I become entangled with living life in the moment that I have forgotten what I can achieve? Have I embraced spirituality to the extent that I have neglected my material needs or Have I been so engrossed with accumulating things that I have neglected my spiritual side? Have I been so competition-oriented that I have forgotten how to be cooperative in life or have I been so diligently cooperating that I have become a people pleaser and forgot that I need to be competitive in some areas of my life?

There are always competing forces in our lives, our emotional well-being is enhanced when we learn to balance between those forces. It is good to pause once in a while and assess where our life is in imbalance and make a course correction.

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