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Certified Student Counsellors - Aug 2023

I came across Diploma is Child psychology in facebook ads , I found this could be helpful in raising my kid and bonding with him . And this course has not only fulfil my expectations but also made me a better personal emotionally and more organised as well.

Anushree Bhat


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Thank you so much to the amazing faculties of BlueNile and thank you for helping me with deep understanding and knowledge. The course was well organised. I learned so much. The course and the materials are comprehensive and informative. Overall great experience.

Ashima Bedi

Gratitude, NTT+ECCE Course, Tarot Card Reader, Chakras Balancing, Ho’Oponopono +EFTPositive Psychology Counselling Internship in Psychology, CBT, REBT, Therapy

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The course was very good and helped me gain lots of practical knowledge. The course was well curated, and a job-oriented one as promised. The facilitators of each session were experts in the respective fields and shared lots of case studies and shared their knowledge from their valuable experience. I was inspired by the passion they showed towards their chosen field. It was clearly visible while they were delivering the trainings. Many thanks to Sadiqa ma'am and Sreedhar Sir for not only organizing this course but for being there constantly for anyone in need and provide the right guidance to understand how to move forward in the field of psychology.

Ashwini K.N. Rao

B.E (Electronics & Communication), MBA (Finance)

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Very good

Dimple K. Chheda


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Great,sound and practical

Jeevitha Ravipati Biotechnology, Water and environment technology, Diploma criminal justice forensic sciences, Diploma geospatial applications for rural development. B.ed special education (ASD)(Pursuing)

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

It was a great course that explained the process of student counselling and various issues that children are dealing with. Gives an insight into understanding our own emotions and how being non-judgemental is pivotal to being a counsellor. There were many insightful moments and Sreedhar's sessions were replete with wisdom that we could use not just in counselling but also in day-to-day living. The choice of coaches/ speakers was great with many having been in this field for a long time. Was great listening to fellow students from different walks of life. Kudos to the way this course was structured.

Kiran Penumarty

MBA, IIT Delhi

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Wonderful experience of learning many new concepts, refreshing many past lessons, reflecting on many personal aspects, very interactive sessions, opportunities to express freely and listen to others experiences, hand holding & guidance for future journey.

Kirti Milind Sahanie


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The course was informative and the assignments provided gave a hands on experience to deal with various areas concerning the topics taught during the course. the faculty were highly qualified and provided support and made the sessions interactive. I would highly recommend this module of learning to all my dear and near ones. Thank You

Krishna Priya C.

B Sc (Home Science) & B Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

An intensely gripping and highly informative course that allowed me to dive deep into my own mind, my understanding of child psychology, human relationships and what it takes to be a truly good child counsellor. I am grateful for the plethora of information provided, and to have been taught by some truly intelligent,  well spoken and seasoned faculty, who were more than happy to impart their vast knowledge and expertise in the subject provided onto us.  I am eager to keep learning, do some internships and start my counselling journey as soon as possible. Thanks to Shreeshar and his team for the proving this opportunity and for guiding me on this journey.

Leisha Lobo

BA in communicative English and psychology

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The "Diploma in Student Counselling" course is a very comprehensive and well structured course. The team consists of some of the finest and very learned faculties. I have always looked forward to Tuesday Classes. The concepts were explained well with relevant examples and every faculty was open to questions. They were patient in clearing all our doubts without bias. I sincerely thank Bluenile and Darwin for making this 6 month journey knowledgeable, meaningful and memorable.

Namitha A.N.

MSc (IT), Diploma in Montessori, Counselling and Lifeskills

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

It has been a very enriching experience. The faculties are very well experienced and share their experiences with us during the course. This will propel me to handle students in a more appropriate manner. Thanking Darwin Psychology and Blue Nile counselling for this course which has given very good insight into student counselling.

Prerana Srikanth

MSc in Counselling Psychology

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Happy and feeling content that I enrolled with Darwin for a student counseling course as it helped me a lot in enhancing my knowledge/skills in various aspects not just in my professional life but also in my personal life. Insightful and thought-provoking sessions with extremely determined and passionate resource people made the learning much easier. The support and guidance given by the team throughout the course tenure deserves Special Mention. Thanks a lot.

Reka Suryanarayanan

MBA (Marketing) with Diploma in Montessori training and Preschool early intervention. Pursuing a Diploma in Specific Learning Disability (SLD)

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

This course is excellent. I liked the course structure and topics that were covered to understand children better. The faculty members were very supportive throughout the course. The sessions were informative and helpful. I feel great that I have joined this course. I thank Sreedhar sir and Sadiqa madam for encouraging me to take up this course.

Sheetal Patel

First year

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

I am very happy to have got the opportunity to do the course, it gave me a lot of insight and a lot of useful learning, facts and faculty information and experience.

Shoba Menon

BCom , Montessori

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

I can confidently say that it has been a transformative experience that has equipped me with invaluable skills and knowledge in the field of counselling. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to “Shreedhar Mandyan sir, Nandini ma'am, and the entire course Team” for your outstanding guidance and support throughout this journey.

Expert Faculty: Shreedhar Mandyan sir and Nandini ma'am are true experts in the field of counselling. Their extensive knowledge and experience shone through in every lecture and interaction. Their passion for counselling is contagious and made learning a joy.
Interactive Learning: The course was designed to be highly interactive. From role-playing exercises to group discussions, we were constantly engaged in hands-on learning. This approach not only made the material more accessible but also allowed us to practice and hone our counselling skills. This Course is a comprehensive program designed to provide aspiring counsellors with the necessary tools and insights to effectively support and guide students in their personal and academic lives. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including counselling techniques, psychology fundamentals, communication skills, ethics, and practical case studies.
Real-World Applications: What I appreciated most about this course was its emphasis on real-world applications. We were exposed to actual counselling scenarios and given the opportunity to apply the techniques we learned. This practical experience was invaluable in building our confidence as budding counsellors.
Supportive Community: The course fostered a sense of community among students. We had the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who shared our passion for counselling. The support and camaraderie within the group were truly uplifting.
Ethical Guidance: Shreedhar Mandyan and Team emphasized the importance of ethical counselling practices throughout the course. This commitment to ethics and professionalism was instilled in each of us, ensuring that we are well-prepared to handle the ethical complexities of counselling.
Career Opportunities: The course also offered guidance on career opportunities in the counselling field. We received valuable insights into various career paths and were equipped with the tools to pursue them effectively.

Thank You, Shreedhar Mandyan sir, Nandini ma'am, and Team:
I cannot express my gratitude enough to Shreedhar Mandyan sir, Nandini ma'am, and the dedicated team behind this course. Your passion for counselling, commitment to excellence, and unwavering support have made a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. I feel confident and prepared to embark on a career in student counselling, thanks to your guidance.
The knowledge and skills I have gained during this course will not only benefit me but also the students I will have the privilege of working with in the future. Your dedication to empowering future counsellors is truly commendable, and I am grateful to have been a part of this transformative journey.
In conclusion, the Student Counselling Course has been a remarkable experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone interested in the field of counselling. Thank you once again to Shreedhar Mandyan sir, Nandini ma'am, and the entire course team for your exceptional work and unwavering support. You have not only enriched my life but also the lives of those I will have the privilege of counselling in the years to come.

Shridhar Narayan Bhat

MSc Psychology

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

Very happy with all of the content, I've made practical ise of the knowledge I've received here. The staff is incredibly passionate about mental health and this profession and it was conveyed very smoothly.

Shylaja Mahendru Shinde


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The counselling course I undertook was an enriching and transformative experience that provided a comprehensive understanding of the principles, techniques, and ethical considerations involved in the field of counselling. The course covered a wide range of topics, along with case studies. The course content was well-structured and covered a diverse array of subjects. The mentors were experienced professionals in the field of counselling, bringing a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the classroom. Their approach to teaching was engaging, combining lectures with interactive discussions and hands-on exercises. They encouraged open dialogue and welcomed questions, creating a supportive learning environment.

Simran Wadhwa, B.Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023


Smitha Reddy

Masters in special education

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

I had a great experience with the course, it was an interesting, informative and indept sessions and with excellent and experienced faculty. I am happy to be the part of the course. Thank you Sreedhar.

Soudhamini Srikanth

Msc in Psychology and Diploma in counseling

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

All faculties were extremely good and the entire Course gave deep insights to counselling. One advantage is that even if we miss classes recordings would help us to be on track,and  for those whose can't go out this would be added advantage

Sowmya B. K.

Msc- Early childhood Education and Administration

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The course is very insightful and helped me learn lots of new concepts. I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the remarkable training provided by the faculty. Their expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication truly stood out throughout the course. The faculty members' ability to make diverse concepts understandable and their unwavering support in fostering a collaborative learning environment were instrumental for me to complete the student counsellor course. The faculty members' passion for the subject matter was contagious, and their practical insights and real-world examples added immense value to the learning experience. Thanks to their guidance and mentorship, I feel well-prepared to embark on my counselling journey.

T Triveni

B. Com., M. Com. B. Ed.

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

The entire course is well designed and beautifully put together. The Facilitators are all experienced and knowledgeable. Their patience in responding to our queries and questions and doubts is commendable. Enjoyed the six months , which went by in a breeze. Loved the Assignments because they gave us an opportunity to have hands-on experience in counseling.

Vandana Joshil

Certified Grief Counsellor, International Teacher Training Diploma, PG in Journalism and Mass Communication, PG in Advertising and PR and Bachelors in English Literature.

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology - August 2023

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