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What am I lacking in life?

A Self-awareness Question

You have it, but not enough. That is what a lack would mean. You have money, education, security, relationship etc but not as much as you think you should have.

Most of our human misery comes from a sense of lacking. Assuming you have the basics of food, shelter and basic security, we keep thinking about the things we lack in our life. Not that we don’t have it, but just that we don’t have enough of it. We also have a vague target in our mind for our lack and believe our bliss will come when we get to that target. In a way nothing wrong with the way of thinking. But the trouble starts when we ruminate over things (concrete and abstract) that we lack in our lives and do nothing about it. Nothing changes in our life unless we take action that is in our control.

But before even embarking on any action, there are some questions we need to ponder

What do I feel I lack in life?

Why do I feel that once I get what I lack I will be happy?

Why do I think I deserve that?

Is it a sense of entitlement or do I really want it?

Is my lack genuine?

Whom am I comparing myself with when I think of what I lack? What happens when I don’t compare?

What actions have I taken in the past to fulfil the gap between what I have and what I want?

Interesting and important questions to think over before taking the action to get what we want. Without the all-important action, complaining about what we lack is just whining into the void.

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