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We don’t have to scratch every itch

Take ten minutes to do this exercise.

Lie down in a comfortable position on your bed. You will not be moving for ten minutes or so, hence making the position the most comfortable for you. Now close your eyes and pay attention to your breath. You are not making any physical movement. You are going to count 100 breath cycles of in and out. No movement of any kind except maybe swallowing your saliva once in a while. Lie completely still. You will notice itches and tickles on parts of your body. Just notice the itch, don’t scratch the itch. Pay complete attention to the itch, don’t ignore it, The itch will stop after a while. Another part will start itching. Notice it, acknowledge the itch and pay complete undivided attention to it. Again it will pass without your doing anything about it. From 100 breath increase it to 200, 300, 600. With practice, you will be surprised to see that the itches and tickles die under the gaze of attention.

Emotional itches

There will be emotional itches too in our lives on a daily basis. We again follow the same procedure with those too. We choose which emotional itch should be scratched and which can be left alone. We will discover that most itches will vanish under close attention. We don’t have to react to it in any other way. Itches, both physical and emotional keep coming in our lives. Paying attention to them is enough to extinguish them. Every tich does not need scratching for relief.

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