Upcoming Programs in Aug-Sep

We have three upcoming programs in Aug-Sep

  1. 3-Day workshop on Non-violent communication on Aug 22, 23 and 24th. 5 to 7 pm. This workshop is conducted by Amita Mani. Details here: https://www.darwinpsychologycentre.com/non-violent-communication

  2. Diploma in Art Therapy. This is a six months course with classes conduced once a week on Wednesday 5 to 7 pm. This course is being conducted by Dr. Anupama Bajaj. Details here: https://www.darwinpsychologycentre.com/diploma-in-art-therapy

  3. 2-Day workshop called Introverts' Ashram on Se 12 and 13 from 5 to 7 pm. This is conducted by Eshwar Sundaresan. Details here: https://www.darwinpsychologycentre.com/introverts-ashram

Do contact us if you want any further information on the workshops or if you want a chat with the workshop facilitators.

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