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The difference between a Heart Attack and a Cardiac Arrest.

When we want to pump water from the sump to the overhead tank in our homes, two things are needed. 1. Power for the pump to work. 2. Clog free pipes. If the pump is working and yet no water is flowing into the tank, it means the pipe is clogged and if we clean the pipes water will start flowing again. A heart Attack is the clogging of the pipes. When our arteries get clogged enough oxygenated blood does not flow to the heart muscles. Removing the clog with medication, surgery is the way to go. Heart Attack only slows the flow of blood hence a person getting quick medical attention even within a couple of hours of feeling chest pain can easily recover from it. Heart attack gives us symptoms beforehand.

Suppose the water pipes are clean but the plug is pulled from the socket, the motor stops all of a sudden. Cardiac Arrest is the pulling of the plug from the socket. There is hardly any way of knowing it beforehand. There are no symptoms for it. There is also no known 'cause' for it, unlike a heart attack. Sudden Cardiac Arrest can occur at any age to anyone irrespective of their health and fitness. Giving electric shock within 5-10 minutes is the only way a person can survive in this case. Many people survive a heart attack and hardly 10% or the people survive a cardiac arrest.

When we blame the person who died, saying he should have taken better care, he should have done a medical check-up, he should have led a better lifestyle, etc is unfair to the person who died and it also demonstrates our ignorance.

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