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Not complaining about work, but being grateful for it.

We all differ on the amount of money we have, but the one resource all of us have in equal measure is time. Eventually, while money gets us comforts, and luxuries and enables greater choices, how we use the other resources- time, determines how satisfied we are with our lives.

I find it really hard to understand people who complain about work. I can understand that each of us does not like a certain kind of work but not like any work at all? Any work that is given to them, they complain about it. It is not that they dislike certain kinds of work, they dislike work itself. Work is what we need to do to utilise the resource of time. How much we can do, how valuable it is and how meaningful it determines our level of satisfaction with life. Work defines us. How we use Time defines us.

Working with your hands

Those of us who have work on our hands - whether in our homes or in our offices are lucky people. We are fortunate ones who have been given an opportunity to keep our minds occupied. We have a reason to get out of bed and get running. All the work that we do is important in some way. The work we do at home is no less important than the work we do in our offices. A good part of life is just maintenance work with a small part of work devoted to growth. Maintenance work - keeping our homes, and offices clean, grooming ourselves, periodically cleaning out the cupboards, shelves, and refrigerators, and reducing clutter around us - occupies a good part of the day.

People who do not have work to do struggle a lot with their lives. They do not know what to do with time. Time becomes their enemy. Since the mind cannot stay still, loop thinking starts with all the negative thoughts, disappointments, and frustrations playing out their role in the theatre of the mind. One regular remedy suggested to people with depression is to find a way to get some routine work in their lives. Keep the mind engaged. It is not about earning money, it is about spending time.

I am always grateful for the work I have in my life. The feeling when I hit the bed at the end of a full day’s work is just delicious!

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