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“Make-up does not change who you are” is a controlling line

At the basic level, both men and women would like to look good physically. Some are just plain lucky to have been born attractive physically. While there are many people who know they look good, there are many more who are unconscious of their looks. They have never been told that they look good so they go around believing they are not.

We, humans, have invented many things to make us look better. Hairstyling, dresses, make-up, perfumes, jewellery and a host of stuff. This keeps increasing and more refined with years. Many would like to enhance their looks by using the products. What is wrong in that? Why should not a person make efforts to look better, if that is what they want to? This applies to men and women.

“You cannot change what you are born with”

“Make-up does not suit you”

“Don’t try to show off with your make-up”

“Whom are you trying to impress with that?”

These are some of the lines that get thrown at people who try to enhance their looks. These cruel lines don’t come from outsiders but from parents, spouses, siblings and people who are family. From the first time some girls try some make-up, the negative lines often start from the parents. It is one thing to call out when the child is too young but when calling out a teenager for these enhancements is cruel and unfair. Teenage is a time when they are trying to discover their identity and blend with their peers. It would be great if parents can guide their children even in this area. If they cannot, it would be good to leave the child to experiment.

But this does not stop after the person is an adult. The spouse and other adults take over and make a person guilty for a makeover. Physically looking good is vital for the self-esteem of a person no matter what their age. Why stop someone from looking good just because they have adult children. Why can’t they apply some make-up just because they have crossed seventy? Why can’t hair be dyed by someone who is a grandmother? Why can’t these be choices of an individual?

Comments about make-up, hairstyle, jewellery, dress-sense, accessories are often controlling sentences unless they point out errors or how it could be done better.

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