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“I thought Life Skills was only for children to learn”

At the conclusion of the course one of the participants said something very significant, “I had the belief that learning Life Skills was only for children. After being goaded to join this course and now completing it, I realised that leaning about Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence is not only for children but for all adults. I wish I had done such a course much earlier in my life”

This is a misconception that many people have that only children need to be taught Life Skills and not adults. Life Skills are for everyone and all adults too should be aware of it. Life Skills were defined by the World Health Organization decades back and needed to be taught to everyone. The skills of Coping with Emotions and Coping with Stress are needed for everyone in today’s fast world with oodles of stress for all of us. Being Self aware, ability to think Creatively and Critically are three more of Life Skills that help us to navigate life smoothly. Skills of Problem Solving and Decision Making are crucial in everyone’s lives. For having smooth relationships with others, we need the skills of Communication, Interpersonal Relationships and Empathy.

In addition to the above ten Life Skills our course brings in additional skills that are important in everyone’s lives like, Boundaries, Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness, Persuasion, Negotiation and Discretionary Skills.

These are all skills which means anyone can learn them if they put effort into it. Our next batch starts on Feb 20 and we look forward to imparting these skills to many more adults helping them not only to make better decisions in life for themselves but also help others learn these skills

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