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Helping others to achieve their dreams, realize their potential and believe in themselves

Harmony in Relationships Helping others to achieve their dreams, realize their potential and believe in themselves

While we go about doing our work, attempting to get what we want and achieve our goals, we need to find some time to help others achieve theirs too. We have many people in our family, extended family and friends who have their dreams too. We can increase harmony in our relationships by actively participating in helping them achieve their dreams. Many parents already do this by helping their children in million ways from ferrying them to skills classes to sitting with them and discussing their dreams and of course if nothing else praying for their success.

Being a cheerleader When someone comes and shares their ambition or dreams, making them talk about it and actively listening to that without being too critical is the first step. Giving positive feedback and helpful suggestions of how their dreams can be achieved goes a long way in building the person’s confidence. Often people are besieged by self-doubt. Can I do it? Am I capable? Am I competent? Discussing the self-doubts and dispelling the fear is also participating in their success. If we can pull out our contacts and use our network to help them build their dreams it is practical support that goes a long way. We can also contribute to the success of our loved ones by willing to take up some research on their behalf as the internet is a rich source of information. The moment we come to know that someone is interested in a subject, can we send them some material from our side or order a book online for them?

Expanding the generosity circle We normally do this for our blood relatives. Can we extend it to those around us who are important but not related by blood to us? Can we look at expanding our generosity? Standing by someone who is going through bad times in invaluable and most of us do it. Participating actively and cheering someone to achieve their dreams is another priceless way of building harmony in relationships. When we recognize that other people’s success is not a threat to us, we acknowledge the abundance in the world. There is immense satisfaction in being a cheerleader for people around us.

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