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Freedom is a need too

One thing this pandemic has made us aware is our love and need for freedom. Earlier too, before the onset of the pandemic, we may have not spoken/seen our loved ones for days together. But today, when we are forced into that situation we become acutely aware of the fetters on our freedom. On our own, we may do or not do things of our choice, but when someone outside or circumstances forces us into corners, we just don’t like it. Freedom is an essential need for us just like the basics of food, safety, shelter. Animals with less developed brains choose freedom over confinement. We with our thinking minds virtually rebel when we are forced into something we dislike. Children once they are of a certain age actively seek freedom by not holding the hands of their parents when out walking and wanting to make independent choices. Most of us seek freedom within understandable constraints. Free to move around, free to choose between options, free to be ourselves. We need freedom as an individual and we need freedom in relationships too. Relationships where one person decides for others always carry an undercurrent of animosity. Whether as a parent or a spouse when we take it upon ourselves to make all decisions assuming that we are doing with good intentions, it is not welcomed by others around us. People liked to be asked about their choices and opinions. Relationships in which we do not have the freedom to act, express ourselves freely, feel very stifling. We are itching to get out of them. The human mind rebels against too much control. Freedom means owning the power over ouselves and most of us want it. Once we have tasted the freedom, we don’t want to give up. Children who get the opportunity to move our from authoritarian parents ensure that they don’t come back. A person who has separated in a marriage unable to bear the lack of freedom becomes wary of the next relationship. Freedom is priceless. If you are waiting for freedom to be given to you, then you have not understood the nature of freedom. Freedom is always taken by the one who wants it, it is never given

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