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Zeenath Dsouza


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology

(Feb 2022 to Aug 2022)

Roopa Sudarshan-opt.jpeg

Blue Nile; and Darwin Psychology Centre are organisations headquartered in Bengaluru, with it's expertise on Counselling, Life Skills and Career Guidance was the organisation to get me started on my journey. With batches that have a duration of 2 hours, it gave me the flexibility to balance my work, learning and life in general. The courses are conducted in English and they have various diploma courses to choose from. The emphasis of the course is on practical counselling and hence the course evaluation is assignment based. The practical aspects of learning is very effective and gives one insight into real scenarios.
In conclusion, I am grateful for the lessons, the experience and the attention of the trainers and participants in this forum and I look forward to using this to everyones benefit.
Thank you.

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