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Certified Student Counsellors - Jan 2024

"Excellent. I have gained ingrained and updated knowledge from experts in the field of psychology through this course."

P. Manimekalai

BBA, MBA(hr), MSc (counseling and psycho therapy)

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The diploma course in student counselling is an amazing course which guides us exclusively on how to counsel students at schools and otherwise. The various faculties and the course material is well designed to suit all the queries and various arenas of the course. The course has classes conducted by experienced faculties in the field and the added advantage is the real case studies that are discussed with us .The details are kept confidential. There is lot of scope for clearance of doubts. Sreedhar is very accommodating and we have an option to log in to particularly missed classes in another batch which is happening simultaneously. The assignments encourage combined work with other batchmates. Overall a much needed course for anyone wanting to be a student counsellor."

Laxmi Baliga

B.Com, P.G.D.C.A(Mangalore University) , DPCS(Diploma in counselling skills),MSc( Counselling and Psychotherapy) .

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"Excellent scope, very informative , highly skilled and motivating faculty "

Anshu Grover Bhogra

Post Graduate

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course was fantastic and it has made a significant impact on my personal life."

Meenakshi G

B.Sc Botany

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"This course - Diploma in Student Counselling- conducted by Blue Nile Counselling & Darwin Psychology Centre was a great learning experience. This course was very insightful, engaging as well as informative. All the sessions were excellent... well structured & executed by faculties who have a strong grasp of their subjects. I appreciate the way they conducted the sessions wherein they encouraged each one of us to actively participate in the discussion and give our feedback. This course has given me the required skills and tools to confidently move ahead in my pursuits."

Indrani Mishra


Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course was very good and I learned a lot. The faculties were also very knowledgeable and good with their content to be presented."

Premila Binoy Thomas


Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course has been an eye opener for me.I learnt how to work towards balancing my emotions and striving towards a holistic way of life. The mentors in this course are all superb and though it was an online mode of learning, I never felt the gaps and today I feel I am better evolved as a person.
Everyone should and must take this course as it helps one appreciate and respect the different perspectives of life.
Thank you."

Sarika Mukund Shastry

B.Sc; M.A (History); B.Ed; M.A(Psy)currently pursuing 1st Semester

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"This course for me was very informative and also helped me look inwards. The practical approach really helped me understand the nuances involved in the process of counselling young children. All in all a very well designed course!"

Sagarika Maheshwari

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism & Bachelors in Business Management

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"I really enjoyed the course. Ideal for what was needed.
Excellent 👌 use of time ,well delivered.Subject knowledge, training has already been put into practice within the course.



Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"It was a very well designed course and filled with practical know how as well. I have throughly enjoyed being a part of this course. It has truly enabled me in many ways."

Sangeetha Ajit Krishnan

Bachelors in Arts, Diploma in Montessori Education

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"It was a great learning experience.Personally the course has made me more empathetic and less judgmental.Thank you to Sreedhar sir and to the entire team for guiding us in the world of psychology!"

Rutuja Arun Dakhole,M.Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"Course was really helpful in understanding importance of counselling , several topics rapport building , empathy , managing emotions ,questioning skills ,about addiction ,children with special needs , how to be non- judgmental ,gifted children behavioral modifications ,were taken in elaborate way .weekend sessions was practical could able to understand how exactly the counselling should go on. Thanks to the  team for making us to complete the course."

Sharada B

MSC(Botany ) BEd

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The journey of six months was very beautiful and learnt lot of things...I can feel my improvements. Thank u all the faculty who shared their knowledge in the best way... Special thank to Sridhar sir."

Ranjini N

B. Sc, D. Ed, B. Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course is very educating, very informative, lots of topics covered in the course which is very interesting and relevant to the course, practical sessions were conducted and very qualified mentors and very useful notes are provided thank you."

Jyothi A

Art Therapist,Student Counsellor,

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course was an enriching experience. All the faculty are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to their profession. It helped me to learn practical ways to counsel children. "

Amrita Murthy

B.E, B.Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"It is an excellent course, covers all the main topics required to counsel children and teenagers. The faculty was knowledgable and interactive. They were very helpful and encouraging. Although it was an online course I never felt lost or disconnected. A huge thank you to Sreedhar for being so patient and helpful and mentoring me throughout the course."

Husna Wahab

B. Com, Cambridge Diploma in teaching and Learning, DCS , PGDP

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"This course knowledge can help me immensely when I start working as a school counselor, it help enhance our understanding of subjects and gain hands on training by working with students in real life."

Soumya C


Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"The course was so apt for me `and enabled me to perform my current role as student counselor. The breadth and depth of the course is so well designed to equip an aspiring student counsellor with the right skill and knowledge to get confident at the work they do. The experiences shared by the eminent faculty were so useful in understanding and implementing whatever we learned. Overall the experience of the course is great !!!"

Sunanda Yalamanchili

M.A ; M.Ed

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"Course content and delivery was top notch. I am thankful to faculty who imparted their valuable knowledge and shared their experiences for practical purposes with us."

Alka Anurag

MSW, MSc Counseling Psychology

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"Very well structured and beautifully delivered. The involvement of the faculties into the program was commendable."

Ambika Goel

B.Com ( Delhi University) MBA (Marketing), ACC (Associate Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coaching Federation)

Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

"Excellent and well designed course , touching upon all the areas needed for student counselling."

Munmun Sarkar


Diploma in Student Counselling Jul23Jan24

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