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Anuradha shivakumar

Certified Career Counsellor

This course opened my mind to a new dimension of career counselling. It made me realize that it is a process backed by theories and tests and can really guide and help students and adults in gaining clarity on their goals, the options available to them and also the paths they need to traverse to attain their goals. This counselling can actually empower students by making them aware of their aptitudes and interests and whether they are in the right course, make them work on their weaknesses and stregthen their strengths. Jennifer was excellent and had alot of clarity on what she wanted to convey. She was patient ,caring and ever willing to answer doubts and share her knowledge. Though we had less of sreedhar, he was practical and very clear on what he conveyed and very helpful and prompt. All the guest speakers definitely value added and shared their journey authentically. Last but not the least my batch mates, each with unique personality brought in their flavour. Thank you all. God bless.

I can be contacted for Career Counselling at:

Anuradha shivakumar

Certificate in Career Counselling - September 2024 to December 2024

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