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Pallavi Nagaraj

B.E, Diploma in Counseling

Pallavi Nagaraj

"DSCP - The title in itself and the course content definitely sparked my curiosity. I was also keen to add additional skills and learnings to my counselling diploma. Apart from being true to the mentioned content, this course has added value to my personal growth and opened new doors for me in my counselling career😊. The well-structured course curriculum, the faculty experts who shared their time and knowledge on various relevant topics and the practical assignments are the highlights of the course. The Saturday sessions( the bonus sessions as I would like to call them👍) gave an opportunity for live interaction with practising student counsellors and students and also provided the practical learning I would need in real world.

Kudos 🙌🏻 and gratitude 🙏🏽to Sreedhar, Sadiqa, Nandini and the multitude of mentors like Eshwar Sundaresan, Dr Bhavani, Dr Ashwini, Dr Shobha, Dr Sandhya Prasad, Dr Anupama Bajaj, Jennifer Tavares, Lucy Bowen, Rajeev Jain, Amita Mani and Indira Dani who shared valuable insights, learnings and case studies.

Thanks to this course, I feel very confident as a counsellor and I feel equipped, more than ever, as an adult who can contribute to the emotional well-being of children😊"

I can be contacted for student/child counselling at:

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