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Non-violent Communication

Conversations are the bedrock of relationships

A Three Day ONLINE Workshop to help you master non-violent communication to build harmonious relationships in your life

22, 23, 24 August 2022, 5 pm to 7 pm IST

3-Day workshop fee: Rs 2900/-/-

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Presented by Amita Mani
*Psychotherapist *Counsellor *Trainer

A practicing Psychotherapist Counsellor & Life skill trainer,  I facilitate in empowering individuals, students, employees and organizations in becoming self-aware and heal themselves- at all levels in every aspect of their life. I aspire to connect, comfort, communicate and be a channel of transformation and healing.



Just the way we can be violent in our behaviour, we can be violent in our communication too. Violent behaviour is obvious while violent communication isn't.

NVC is the idea to bring non-violence into our communication to achieve the desired result at the same time maintaining harmony in our relationships. When conversations start from the base of Empathy a lot can be achieved. When we can meet each others concern we can walk away feeling good and meeting individual goals too.

Most of our relationships suffer for want of a better way to communicate with our loved ones. This three day workshop aims to teach NVC and help your relationships flourish.

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In this workshop you will explore:

This and much more through interactive and introspective exercises to bring about  compassion, empathy in our communication and achieve what we want to.

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