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Certified Marriage Counsellor

Seema Pillutla

MA Psychology

Seema Pillutla

The Marriage Counseling program has significantly expanded my skill set as a therapist. It has provided me with the confidence and competence necessary to effectively counsel couples and children within troubled marriages, an area that I previously hesitated to explore. In the past, I would refer such cases to more experienced therapists, feeling inadequately prepared to address them myself. However, since completing the program, I have taken on the challenge of counseling couples and have observed positive outcomes. I have been able to empower them to either work on strengthening their marriage or to make informed decisions about parting ways, when necessary.

I highly recommend this program to fellow therapists who are looking to enhance their capabilities in this field. I am grateful to Sreedhar and Eshwar for creating such rich content, tailored specifically for Indian marriages.

I can be contacted at:

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