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Certified Grief Counsellor

Bernadit Jose

MSW (Medical and Psychiatric Social Work), P.G Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy,Certificate in Child and Adolescent Counselling,Certificate in Grief Counselling.g

Bernadit Jose

"This course was very informative and insightful from the point of view of a Counsellor as well as a person who goes through different types of grief experiences in life. The faculties were very knowledgeable and experienced Grief Counsellors and they made the concepts very easy to understand through a lot of examples of real life experiences. Also they were highly Empathic and patient whenever there was sharing of experiences by the participants. The Course content was carefully planned and structured, so all aspects of grief were covered in the short duration of course. I am satisfied with the course and the faculties. This course has equipped me with sufficient knowledge to be able to help my clients who go through grief."

I can be contacted for Grief Counselling at:

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