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Certified Grief Counsellor

Thulasi Manogaran

CBT & Basic counselling certifications, Licensed NLP Practitioner & Licensed Heal your life Teacher, Counsellor 


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The entire course of learning has made to look into my own strengths and grit factors. Earlier i used to think grief has fallen upon my life only. in reality, it isn't. The fact that grief has been treating all equal and the individual pains are inevitable. The degree of toxicity each person carries for themselves are like a huge sac of stones. As a counsellor, being present to the emotions and providing safe space to express does the crucial work. And every speakers Dr Shoba, Arti Rajaratnam, Eswar and Ashwini had made the learning process immersive. Sreedhar sir expertise on the subject matter helped me to reflect back and take actions through interventions. Especially the photo album, scrap book, writing letter to heal, questioning the possibility of other reasons contributed to grief were found easy and doable with gentleness.

​Excellent team work and well thought program. Thank you!

I am a Soft Skills Trainer and a Counsellor. I can be reached on 

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