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Certified Grief Counsellor

Malvika V Mokashi

Ph.D. Scholar (Human Development and Family Studies), Ph.D research work on Parent Counselling for Child Behaviour ProblemsDharward

Malavika V Mokashi.jpg

The sessions are very informative and very good food for thought…. The sessions by Shridhar sir, Ashwini and Shobha madam are very informative and thrown light on recent and life related issues…. Eshwar sir and Aarti madam sessions were also informative…. The course is very good and can be useful for our life…. The techniques we learnt in course can be applied in our own life as well as in our counselling sessions…. I thank Shridhar sir and Sadiqa and other members for organising such a wonderful course and given me an opportunity to be the part of the course…. Thank you so much….

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