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Certified Grief Counsellor

Judia Dorin Hephzibah S

M.Sc Counselling Psychology, Basic skills of technology assisted counselling, TA 101 by ITAA, Diploma in Dyslexia

Malavika V Mokashi.jpg

This course was overwhelming and my main objective of joining this course was to help clients who have lost their loved ones due to the pandemic and this time calls for a course like this. I feel more confident in my own abilities through my learnings. I really appreciate the structure of the course and how it helped me grasp better since it was organized and presented in a digestible way considering how heavy the topic is! The speakers were brilliant! Never been in a course where I liked all the speakers! This is the first! Looking forward to be a part of future courses conducted by your organizations.

Email ID: Occupational number: +916374000528

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