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Where can I find all the courses you offer?

The courses we offer do not have a fixed schedule. We offer programs at the need of the participants. The programs can be short term as a single day workshop and courses as long a one/two semester. 

Are you courses online or offline?

Currently, all our courses are offered in the online mode only. The classes will be live streamed to participants and the courses are interactive with participants expected to ask questions, share ideas and experiences. 

Are you accredited with any University?

Since our courses emphasise on the practical aspects of everyday psychology, we do not wish to have the participants writing long exams to test memory. Our courses are all Assignment Based and most assignment do not involve reading large body of text. Hence we are not accredited to any University as that would need our participants to write tests and exams. We want our participants to leave the course with enriched learning and not just academic knowledge. 

What is the Mentor support in your courses?

All our course come with mentor support. Students are assigned Mentors with whom they can interact on chat, call mode and clarify doubts,  discuss the topics of the class. The mentors assist the students in getting the best out of the course. 

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