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Shobharani S.N


Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology

(Feb 2022 to Aug 2022)

Roopa Sudarshan-opt.jpeg

The course Student counselling , organised and conducted by Darwin psychology centre and blue Nile , is really a very Good course , for those who want to serve as school and college counsellors and also to understand the teenagers and young adults . That the course is excellently structured covering every aspect of youth and adults including the present day challenges faced by them .The, course focuses both on practical’s and theoretical aspects and some thing special about the course is , we get the opportunity to listen to the experiences faced and by school , college counsellors ,excellently rendered .
The faculty and the guest faculty are extremely knowledgable and dedicated .

That the entire course is online and each candidate is evaluated by assignments with prompt feedback . Anywhere in the world one can login to this programme .

This course is extreamly useful to all who are interested in counselling and to those who want to serve schools and colleges and also to parents who wants to understand their children better and to handle modern day issues faced by children .
Me personally felt , I had a great opportunity to gain more knowledge and enjoyed the course thoroughly , and felt this course is better than university degrees .

I strongly recommend to people to enrol into this course which is immensely
knowledgable , useful and worthy .

Extremely thankful to the organisers 🙏🏻👍

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