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Manjeet Chandra

B.Sc. Home Science

Diploma in Student Counselling Psychology

(Feb 2022 to Aug 2022)

Roopa Sudarshan-opt.jpeg

The recent Pandemic has not only hit us physically but impacted our sense of absolute well being. It has not only been a test of our immunity but also of our emotional health. Apart from physical ailments, stress, grief and many other emotional issues have crept into our lives as termites, and are eating us bit by bit. Thus, in this scenario it becomes imperative for us to take care of our inner self. We all are fighting a battle in the battlefield of our head, which is the breeding ground of almost all the problems.
And as Einstein had said, “ You cannot solve the problem at the level it was created”, thus it became imperative for me to enrol into this course to look at things from a higher perspective, to rise above the problems and break them into bits and pieces, to do a surgical strike on each unresolved issue, to get better understanding of emotions and heal.
Enrolling into Student Counselling Psychology course has been a great transformational period of my life. I am extremely grateful to all the amazing mentors for imparting the wisdom with such elan and clarity.
The course was packed with insightful sessions, live interactions, counselling assignments and elaborate feedback to help us improve as counsellors.
As a counsellor, I have learnt one very important rule of counselling is to be self aware, being self attuned, and being present in the moment. If you are comfortable and have sorted your problems within, people will automatically heal in your presence.
These learnings have become a part of my consciousness and I use them to weed out the unwanted narratives of the mind so that the journey of my physical self is worthwhile. Thank you Sreedhar Sir and Saadiqa for this amazing opportunity to learn, heal and evolve. It’s been one of the fabulous experiences of my life.

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