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Certified Art Therapist

Shrishti Jain

BA, B.ed , MSc , Phd (pursuing)

Shrishti Jain

I have been utilizing art therapy techniques for the past five years, and the results have been truly remarkable. I owe my gratitude to Darwin School and Ms. Anupama for empowering me to use these techniques, especially for students who might not easily express their emotions verbally. Each class was profoundly reflective, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness before applying these techniques to others. Ms. Anupama possesses excellent listening skills and a deep understanding of the subject matter. I consider myself fortunate to have been mentored by her, and I aspire to incorporate these techniques to address the diverse mental health needs of my students. Furthermore, I plan to integrate art therapy into my Ph.D. research.

I can be contacted for Art Therapy

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