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“Why do people at my home watch such dumb TV serials?”

“I can’t believe the serial my mom enjoys. They are such crap”

“Half the time one person says a dialogue and they show the reaction of all 20 people”

"How can someone bear to watch these when nothing much happens in them?”

Is there any standard for entertainment? Are my choices of serials better than yours? Should I feel superior that I watch English and other foreign language serials on Netflix and prime while my parents watch local language serials?

People watch TV to get entertained. What entertains each of us is very different. Our levels of humour are different. While someone may be roaring with laughter at a joke on TV, we may not at all find it funny. While people at home may prefer the family drama serials you may prefer the action-oriented ones. If you like crime drama and others don’t it does not reflect on you as a person or them. Some people may not prefer to see violence at all on screen.

Just like we accept other people’s taste in food, choice of clothing, fragrances etc, we need to accept their choice in entertainment too. On the one hand, we may think cartoons are designed for children and we may be surprised when we see adults enjoying that too. There is nothing ‘childish’ about an adult enjoying a Tom and Jerry.

What a person enjoys on the screen may also be influenced by their educational levels, their upbringing, their culture etc. One form of entertainment is not superior to another. Finally, everyone wants to spend some time in front of a screen where they don’t need to think, they can escape from real-life worries and also feel entertained. While we may find other people’s choices in entertainment inane, there will always be another person who will find our choices ridiculous. There is no scale to judge entertainment. Let each enjoy what they find joy in. Don't feel guilty or inferior about your entertainment choices and don't make others feel guilty for their choices.

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