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Surrendering to the strengths of others around us

“I think you missed a turn back there”, said the daughter sitting beside her mom. “No I didn’t” replied the mother, “the turn is further way down” “No, I am sure, we should have turned at that bakery” “Have I ever missed taking you to the correct destination?”, asked the mom. “No you haven’t” replied the daughter tentatively. Five minutes later they arrived at their place, “Do you trust me now with directions and maps?” asked the mother, grinning. “Yes” replied the daughter sheepishly.

“I don’t think the food will be enough for the party” the father murmured. “It will be enough, dad. I organize such parties everyday as my job” replied the son. “But we are getting 30 people” insisted the dad “Trust me dad, I know what I am doing. If we order more, there will be wastage” After the party, the dad acknowledged his son was right.

Many people around us have their strengths. We should learn to surrender to the strengths of others and let them do their work. When we recognize their strengths and trust it, not only does the person feel good, we can be rid of some responsibilities and anxieties. If we abandon to the strengths of our partners, our parents, siblings, children, we are essentially delegating work to others and making our life easier. The same way we should allow others to trust our strengths and execute what we are good at. Although it would be great to be good at everything, we do not have the time and resources to master all the skills.

Trust people who are good at driving and stop backseat driving. Trust people who are good at cooking and stop giving them instructions. Trust family members who are good at finances and follow their advice. Stop trusting only when the trust is repeatedly broken. Sharing responsibilities and work among people who stay or work together eases life for everyone.

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