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Repeating to ourselves, "I am tired" makes us more tired!

As one grows older, one of the often-repeated statement is, "I am tired." The exhaustion could be physical, emotional or spiritual. We can get tired physically due to physical activity, injury, illness etc. Mental exhaustion on the other hand so no such clear source. It could be that we are tired of repeating things in our life. It could be a sense of 'stuckiness' whether in a job, relationship or a situation. Exhaustion of the spirit could come from losing meaning in our work or relationship. Nothing seems to matter and nothing making sense any more. While there are legitimate reasons for our exhaustion, some times we are tired for no reason at all. When we keep repeating the phrase, "I am tired", we seem to get more tired and it does not help. Asking ourselves, "Am I really tired or is it something else?" can make us realize that our real issue lies elsewhere. Even if we are really tired, not repeatedly vocalizing it helps us to get back our bounce faster. This has been my experience, may not be true for all.

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