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Certified Grief Counsellor

Sheetal J. Patel

Diploma in counselling skills

Sheetal J. Patel

"This course helped me to understand the various kinds of grief and how it’s effect’s human emotions and their lives.
I learned about Anticipated and Disenfranchised Grief, Ambiguous Grief, Children and Grief, Suicide and Survivor Grief, Counselling for grief, Assessment to losses and Grief,Counselling for emotions,Restoration and Rebuilding,and suicide.
This course helped me to understand so many emotions in deep. As a Counselor, it’s a huge responsibility to understand person’s grief, losses, emotions and help them to rebuild their lives.
All the faculties were excellent, They made very easy to understand and to learn better every topics. They were very helpful to me,because of my language barrier.
This course helped me to overcome from my own grief due to the loss of my brother. Even today I have different losses and grief. This course gave me awareness to understand my grief and grow around grief. I am happy that I have done this course at this stage of my life.
Thank you so much to Sreedhar sir."

I can be contacted for Grief Counselling at:

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