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Complex Relationships
-Mothers and Adult Daughters

A Four Day ONLINE Workshop to help you understand and bring harmony to the complicated and complex relationships between mothers and adult daughters. 

20, 23, 27 & 30 May 2023, 5 pm to 7 pm IST

4-Day workshop fee: Rs 4500/-/-

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Presented by Amita Mani
*Psychotherapist *Counsellor *Trainer

A practicing Psychotherapist Counsellor & Life skill trainer,  I facilitate in empowering individuals, students, employees and organizations in becoming self-aware and heal themselves- at all levels in every aspect of their life. I aspire to connect, comfort, communicate and be a channel of transformation and healing.

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The complex relationship

This is a complicated relationship that is not formed in a vacuum but in a social cultural multigenerational context. It is central in the development of identity, Self esteem, value, worth, body image and all other relationships.

In this interactive workshop you will discover, assess and become aware of your own relationship with your mother/adult daughter ( through a questionnaire for self assessment). The discussions, exercises and introspections will further help in building awareness, skills, resources and support in this ongoing journey of a very central and crucial universal relationship.

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In this workshop you will be

This and much more through interactive and introspective exercises to bring about  compassion, empathy and acceptance for self and the other person in the relationship

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